One part of our mission is to give back to our community.  Each year the Peoria Mothers of Twins  raises money to donate to a charity designated by our members. Charities that have benefited in the past include the Crittenton Crisis Nursery, Small Wonders, and many other worthy organizations. Members are encouraged but not required to participate in the fund raising activities.

At our bi-annual consignment sales, we accept donations for our various causes. We also plan other activities year round to help raise money for our club and charitable causes near and dear to our hearts.

This year, the Peoria Mothers of Twins is raising funds for “For Those Left Behind”.


My name is McKinley Zobrist. In April of 2015, I lost my uncle Joey to suicide. It was a very hard loss for my family and I. Being only 10 years old, I felt as though I was the only one going through this. I felt so alone. I felt like I could not get through this. I even felt like I could have prevented it!

Since then, I have wanted to do something to help other kids that have lost loved ones to suicide. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to make this plan a reality. At 13 years old, I started on organization called “For Those Left Behind” in April of 2018. My mission is to assemble care packages for kids who have been affected by suicide. No child should have to feel that they are alone in their journey. No child should feel as though they did something to cause this.

Even today, I still miss my uncle Joey. Looking back, I wish that I could have known that someone drove down the same long, bumpy road that I was driving down. I wish that I had something to cheer me up when all I wanted was to see my uncle again.