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Multiples of Illinois

Multiples of America


Twins Magazine

Twins Magazine has also provided us with a .pdf file of their special First Year Guide. There is a great deal of info here, what to buy, what to expect, breastfeeding info and so much more.

Early Intervention- Illinois Department of Human Resourses (IDHS)

Public Aid – Illinois Department of Human Resourses (DHS)

WIC – Illinois Department of Human Resourses (DHS)

Peoria County Health Department

Tazewell County Health Department

SIDS Illinois

Child Passenger Safety – Buckle Up Illinois


Child Care Connection

Breastfeeding Resource Center at OSF
For local breastfeeding questions, supplies and services

The La Leche League
For general information on breastfeeding

Biological Nurturing
For laid back breastfeeding