Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc. (IOMOTC)

The Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc. (IOMOTC) was founded in 1962 as an Illinois non-profit, educational, public service organization for mothers of twins and higher order multiple birth children. IOMOTC provides support, information, and networking services to parents of twins and higher order multiples through its member club affiliates. IOMOTC is proud to serve multiple birth families in Illinois through its scholarship program, Special Needs Assistance Fund, speakers’ bureau, quarterly publication, and annual conference.

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Multiples of America (aka NOMOTC)

Providing support services, educational resources and research opportunities to members since 1960.

Multiples of America’s Mission

The Multiples of America aka NOMOTC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families of multiple birth children through education, research, and networking. In partnering with local support groups, health care providers, researchers, and educators, and with the highest standards of integrity, respect and professionalism, we endeavor to aid parents of multiples and to raise public awareness of the unique qualities of multiple birth families.